The Garden Of Reflection

After Darkness...                                           Light


 The Official Pennsylvania Memorial to the Victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks


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at Pennsylvania’s Official 9/11 Memorial

The Garden of Reflection



OFF-SITE PARKING is now being implemented as a result of wet weather conditions.

The public is to park at Afton Elementary School, 1673 Quarry Road, Yardley 19067.

Public is encouraged to arrive between 5:30-6pm on 9/11.   School buses will be provided to transport the public to the Garden of Reflection for the Remembrance in Light Ceremony.    *Masks must be worn on the school bus*

On September 11, 2001 our country was forever changed by a series of unprecedented events.  That day 2,973 people were killed in a series of targeted attacks.  The World Trade Center in New York City, The Pentagon in Washington DC, and an open field in Somerset County became the battlefields where thousands perished. Thousands of acts of valor followed in response to these despicable acts. 

As our shocked and saddened country processed the events, a group of residents from Lower Makefield Township who lost loved ones in the attacks looked for a way to remember and honor them.  Eighteen residents of Bucks county and nine from Lower Makefield Township were lost during these attacks, the highest losses throughout Pennsylvania.  The 9-11 Memorial Garden of Reflection was created in Memorial Park on Woodside Road to honor those lost and is both a Bucks County and Pennsylvania’s Official state 9/11 Memorial.  Since its dedication in 2006, this Memorial has been a place of community gathering and healing.  

On this 20th commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, The Garden of Reflection will host two distinct and poignant ceremonies to commemorate the tragic events on that day. Both events will also be live streamed virtually on the Lower Makefield Township You Tube Channel 

The day will start as we honor those who were lost by marking the timeline of the day with bells. There will be a brief ceremony starting at 8:30AM followed by time to reflect and visit the memorial.

The afternoon allows quiet time to reflect at the memorial until 3:00PM. We will have Ambassadors on site at this time to provide tours of The Garden and answer questions. 

The “Remembrance in Light” ceremony returns to The Garden of Reflection for the 20th commemoration at 7PM combining the elements of sight, sound and light. As the darkness of the night progresses, a light will be brought to the ceremony with the inclusion of candle lighting and the rising of the fountains bringing us hope on one of the darkest days in American history. The beautiful twin fountains are the backdrop to this ceremony which will culminate with attendees being invited to place a flower at the glass panels listing names of the victims at the ceremony’s conclusion. The ceremony, including speakers and musical tributes, will last approximately 45 minutes.  Due to the large attendance at this event, the public is encouraged to arrive early to allow time to park and walk in to the memorial. 

Other Events at The Garden Leading up to 9/11:

One of the most powerful images in the aftermath of the attacks were the thousands of messages, photos and flags that became makeshift memorials. Each one moving and taken together, sent a powerful message of a search for restoration, hope and remembrance. The “Walls of Reflection” are returning for the 20th Commemoration allowing visitors an opportunity to leave a message as they reflect on what 9/11 means to them. They will be located in the Oak Garden Arboretum plaza. Look for them in the coming weeks.

The Tribute Flag will once again be hoisted and lowered to half-mast and remain in the Flag Circle in Memorial Park through September 11th. This sign of respect will start at 7PM on Friday, September 10th. The Tribute Flag is the only flag that has been flown over all three crash sights as well as The Garden of Reflection. American Airlines Captain Steven Verdi started the journey flying the flag over the World Trade Center site. The flag was handed off to Lieutenant Colonel Sam Irvin who flew the flag over the Pentagon. In the last part of the journey, American Airlines Captain Peter Maniscalco flew the flag over the open field in Somerset County, Pa. crash site with Ellen Saracini, widow of United Airlines Captain Victor Saracini whose plane was commandeered and flown into the South Tower. The Tribute Flag was “brought home” on its last part of the journey as it circled around The 9-11 Memorial Garden of Reflection.

911 Never Forget Pins” will be available for purchase locally. These poignant pins are banded with a 20th band. This is the last year these pins will be available. Steven Singer Jewelers contributes the $10 of the purchase price to the endowment to preserve the memorial in perpetuity. Pins can be purchased at all McCaffrey’s Markets and at the Yardley Inn.

The “Remembrance Fund” endowment will support the maintenance of the memorial in perpetuity. For those wishing to support The Garden and ensure its legacy, please visit help guarantee its light will continue to overcome the darkness. Any donation over $2,500 will be displayed on Endowment Donor Plaques located in The Garden.


Thank you for your donation to the “Remembrance Fund” endowment to help preserve the integrity of this 9-11 Memorial in perpetuity so future generations will have a place to REMEMBER and HONOR those taken from us.

We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible and greatly appreciated!