The Garden Of Reflection

After Darkness...                                           Light


 The Official Pennsylvania Memorial to the Victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks


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Liuba Lashchyk, AIA, designed The Garden of Reflection as a gathering place which invites us on a contemplative journey of Remembrance, Reflection and Healing.  This memorial journey leads from sorrowful reminders of tragedy and grief towards luminous symbols of Hope, Peace and Celebration of Life.

A.  American Flag – The approach to The Garden of Reflection in Memorial Park is through an Avenue lined by sentinel Bowhall maples leading to a central focal point ~ The American Flag.

B.  World Trade Center Fragments – We enter The Garden of Reflection through a tear shaped Forecourt displaying fragments from the ruins of the World Trade Center.  These steel fragments are stark reminders of the magnitude of the destruction on September 11, 2001.

C. Gateway – The pathway through The Garden of Reflection Gateway is flanked by a pair of 20 feet long stainless steel interpretative plaques. The patterned finish on the steel plaques reminds us of the chaos of that day at Ground Zero.

D.  Memorial Plaque – The Garden of Reflection Memorial Cornerstone plaque sits on the left side of the Gateway.  The “September 11, 2001” fonts were cut through the steel plaque to represent the void left by those lost.

E.  Donor Wall – The steel plaque on the right side of the Gateway is inscribed with names of the major Founding Sponsors who helped make The Garden of Reflection a reality through the generous contribution of their talents, efforts and donations.

F. Pathway – We continue on the pathway leading from those poignant reminders of sorrow and grief thru concentric undulating landforms representing the waves of change inflicted upon us and leads us towards the Remembrance Walk. 

G.  Plaque – 9-11 Events – This interpretative plaque reads as follows:

“On September 11, 2001 our Nation lost 2,973 people in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Virginia and in a field in Shenksville, Pennsylvania

Honor Them

Celebrate Their Lives

Remember Them Always

God Bless Them”

H.  Wall of Remembrance – 2973 Victims’ Names are etched on glass panels held on a stainless steel curved rail along Remembrance Walk.  A keystone symbol is etched before the name of every Pennsylvania victim. 

I.  Plaque – Bucks County Victims – This interpretative plaque reads as follows:       “In Memory of Seventeen Bucks County Residents. They will live in our hearts forever” …the number lost is now eighteen.

J.  Reflections –  We are lead to the journey’s central destination – the Heart of the memorial – where ascending Twin Fountains in the pool rise to the heavens as a metaphor for the soaring spirits of those lost.  The two recessed square voids at the center of the pool represent the footprints of the lost World Trade Center towers.  The circular shape of the pool symbolizes everlasting life and is constructed with quartzite stone where the soothing waters reflect peace.

K.  Circle of Reflection – As you approach the heart of the Memorial you pass the Interpretative plaque identifying the Victims.  Bucks County Victims’ Names are etched on hand cast glass panels overlooking a circular pool of water.

L.  Plaque – After Darkness…Light – As we leave the heart of the Memorial we pass the last Interpretative plaque that summarizes the spirit of the journey.

After Darkness…Light

M.  Nine Red Maples – Nine Red Maples encircling the heart of the Memorial were planted representing the 9 Lower Makefield Victims.

N. Spiral Walk – A spiral path from the central area takes us on a long curving promenade along the outer perimeter of The Garden culminating at the entrance Gateway of the Memorial.

O.  17 Maple Trees – Seventeen majestic maple trees representing the Bucks County Victims stand at guard along the spiral path.

P.  42 Small Luminaries – Along the spiral path encircling the heart of the Memorial are small luminaries symbolizing the 42 children from Pennsylvania who lost a parent that day and who in the midst of our sorrow light up our lives and are a source of hope.

Q.  58 Red Bud Trees – On either side of the entranceway a mass of Red Forest Pansy trees were planted representing the 58 Victims from Pennsylvania lost in the attacks.


Thank you for your donation to the “Remembrance Fund” endowment to help preserve the integrity of this 9-11 Memorial in perpetuity so future generations will have a place to REMEMBER and HONOR those taken from us.

We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible and greatly appreciated!